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  • WALK-IN's & DAY-OF Rentals are Welcome but advanced reservations are recommended whenever possible.
  • Any rentals cancelled with 24 hours notice are fully refundable
  • In the event that either Winter Park Resort OR our business faces a COVID-19 related closure, all rentals made for pickup during the closure will be fully refunded.
  • Masks are REQUIRED for ALL persons.
  • Social distancing from staff and other customers is strictly enforced. Please avoid using our shop as a "meet-up" spot with family and friends.
  • You are encouraged to pick up gear the day before your start date any time after NOON, free of charge.
  • At time of pickup please send 1 member of your party inside to check-in. If we are within our maximum capacity limits, you and your group are welcome to wait inside for your fitting. Once capacity limits are reached you will be asked to wait in your vehicle, or in our heated tent located outside the shop.
  • Refunds for early returns are NOT offered, unless approved by a manager. We recommend that you start with the minimum number of rental days & extend if needed.
  • You get 1 FREE rental day for every 3 days you pay to rent

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Trouble Booking Online? Give Us A Call 970.726.2868

Ski & Snowboard Rental Deals & Discounts

Online Savings

20% OFF

Book Your Rentals Online To Instantly Save 20% of Walk In Rates

Simply use the online reservation form to automatically score a 20% discount on your Winter Park ski or snowboard rentals. Keep your eyes peeled for even steeper online booking deals throughout the season.

Rent 3 days


Rent 3 Days Get 1 Day Free

You receive 1 FREE day for every 3 days you pay to rent equipment. For example if you pay to rent for 3 days you get the 4th day free..

book ahead to guarantee your bike rental

Don't miss out.

Our inventory of bike rentals often sells out. The best way to guarantee you'll have a bike to ride is to book your rental ahead of time. We'd hate for you to be wasting time looking for a bike when you could be out riding one!

Lock In your Bike Rental

COVID-19 Policies

  • Masks are REQUIRED for any and all persons. Service will NOT be offered to any customers refusing to wear masks.
  • Customers are asked to maintain a minimum of 6ft distance from employees & other customers.
  • Reservations are preferred but are not required.
  • Please refrain from touching bikes, trailers or any equipment that has not been assigned to you.
  • When picking up bike rentals only 1 member from each group will be allowed in store. That person will be responsible for collecting information from all renters in their party.

Policies & Info

Being aware of the info below will help us bring you an epic experience.

Pick Up & Return Instructions

Equipment Pickup Instructions:

  • Lift Ticket and Rental Reservations are REQUIRED.
  • When you arrive to pick up your gear, please send 1 person from your party inside to check in at the Front Counter.
  • We will have you review your rental details to be sure all information is correct. You will also be given a rental marker for each person in your group.
  • In the event that we are unable to fit you right away, we will add you to the waitlist. You will receive a text message to alert you when we are ready to fit your rentals.
  • If we are within our capacity limits, you are welcome to hang out in the shop.
  • If we have reached maximum capacity, you will be asked to wait in your vehicle or in our outdoor waiting area.
  • You will receive a text message to alert you when we are ready to fit your rentals.
  • Once you've been alerted that it is your turn to be fitted, please have a seat on a rental fitting bench and remove your shoes.
  • Renters within the same group may sit together. Otherwise, please allow a MINIMUM of 6 ft distance between yourself and other renters.

Equipment Return Instructions

  • Please send 1 member of your party inside and kindly give one of our team members the last name on your rental.
  • We will pull up your information to check you in while you return your gear.
  • Return Your Poles
    • Drop your ski poles in the metal waste basket labeled "Return Poles Here"
  • Return Your Boots & Helmet:
    • Please place your boots and helmet in the GREEN bin.
    • Ski Boots - Buckle your boots (be sure the tongue of the boot is on the inside). Use the power strap to attach ski boots together.
    • Snowboard Boots - Please tighten the BOA (lace system) on the boots before placing them in the boot return bucket.
  • Return Your Skis / Snowboard / Snowshoes
    • Please use the "RETURN" door and bring your skis/snowboard inside and place (tips up) in one of the RED RETURN racks inside the shop. Please wait for a rental tech to check your gear in before leaving.
  • Return Backcountry Pack or Rental Clothing
    • Please check that you have removed any personal belongings and then return this gear at the Front Counter.

Ski & Snowboard Rental FAQ

How long does the equipment fitting take?

We aim to get people in and out as quickly as possible so you can get out and enjoy the slopes, but we don't ever want to sacrifice quick turn around time for your comfort & safety. In general each person takes about 10-15 minutes to fit with gear.
If you're crunched for time here are a few tips to help your equipment fitting go as quickly as possible:

  • Reserve at least 48 hours in advance
  • Avoid PEAK pickup times. 8 - 9:30am & 4-6pm are typically our busiest times of the day. Whenever possible aim to pick up outside these hours, remember you can always pick up your rentals the day before your reservation any time after noon.
  • Be aware of busy seasons. A Christmas ski vacation sounds ideal right? Well, it turns out a whole bunch of other people think so too! If you are planning to come to Winter Park over the winter holiday, president's day weekend or during spring break be prepared for the possibility of a little wait.

How do you know what equipment I need?
Our expert technicians take into account all the information you provide us in advance and select the equipment that we feel with be the very best for you. We also measure your foot & speak with you about your experience level before fitting you with ski gear.

What if I need adjustments with my equipment?
We don’t ever want you to be uncomfortable, we will send a technician to the slopes to make any adjustments or we can meet you at your lodging.

What packages do you have?
We have rental skis & boards for all levels - and just about all ages. Our smallest ski boot fits 2-3 year olds and the smallest snowboard will work for a 4-5 year old! Check out our package description pages for detailed information & pricing on all of our ski & snowboard rental packages.

Do you rent helmets?
You bet we have helmets, shouldn’t everyone wear one? You can add a helmet to any rental or rent one on it's own.

What if I have my own boots?
Not a problem and you will save a few bucks a day from the package price. Be sure to select a “ski only” package. (Please note that we will need to inspect your boots to make sure they are compatible with our bindings)

What does the damage waiver cover?
The damage waiver is optional and it covers damage to the equipment caused by normal wear and tear while skiing. It does NOT cover negligence, theft or loss. The damage waiver can be selected at time of booking.

How do I return the equipment?
All equipment is due back by shop closing on your last day of renting. Want to extend your rental? No problem, just give us a call & let us know, we can settle up when you return.

Do you rent clothing?
Yes. We realize that our guests don’t always have the proper clothing, so we rent winter coats, bibs and pants for all sizes. Clothing may not be booked in advance.

Ski & Snowboard Rental Policies

Reservations Must Be Made At Least 48 Hours in Advance In Order To Receive Online Discount.
Rentals made within 48 hours are subject to availability.

Online Reservations Must be Paid in Full and Received 48 Hours Prior to Pickup.
If you are uncomfortable paying online you may call the shop to pay for your rentals prior to pickup.

Stress Free Cancellation Policy
We understand that trying to make plans in the midst of a pandemic can be complicated. We never want to add to your stress, that's why we offer a FULL REFUND for any rentals cancelled 24 hours from pickup. Any cancellations made within 24 hours are subject to manager approval.

Equipment Change Charge
So you want to try skiing & snowboarding? We can swap out your gear & set you up on different equipment for just $15.

Early Pick Up Policy
In town early? Come on by the shop, you are more than welcome to pick up your rentals the day before your reservation for no additional charge anytime after noon.

No Refunds are Provided for Early Returns
I'm sure you understand that once you have the equipment we are unable to rent it out to another person. We always recommend starting with the minimum number of days you want and then extending the rental as needed.

Backcountry Rental Restrictions
At this time online reservations are not accepted for backcountry gear rentals, please give us a call or email us at to discuss your needs. Due to the highly specialized nature & expense of the equipment no discounts may be applied to back country equipment rentals unless expressly stated.

Group Rentals
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions and capacity limits we are not able to offer group rentals during the 20/21 ski season.

Phone: 970.726.2868

Address: 78941 US Hwy 40

Mailing: PO Box 802

Winter Park, CO 80482

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Winter Hours:
Dec - Mar: 8am-7pm Everyday
Nov & Apr: 9am-5pm Everyday

Summer Hours:
Jun - Aug: 9am-6pm Everyday

Shoulder Season Hours:
May & Oct hours vary, please call ahead.

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