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Advice for Acclimating to High Altitude During A Trip To Winter Park, CO

May 7, 2021

Rocky Mountain High is right! The elevation at the base of Winter Park is over 9,000 feet with the top of the Panoramic lift taking you to over 12,000 feet. This is over twice the elevation of Denver (known as the mile high city). If you aren’t prepared you may find yourself experiencing symptoms of altitude sickness including: headache, fatigue & nausea.  This can be easily prevented by taking a few steps.

1.  Hydrate

One of the best ways to fight altitude sickness is to drink an unusually large amount of water. You should be drinking at least three times as much water while you are in the mountains as you would at sea level, about a gallon a day.

2.  Include Potassium in Your Diet

You should also eat foods that are high in potassium in order to help balance your salt levels. Drinking a lot of water can lower your electrolyte levels if you aren’t eating the salts that you need to replenish them.  Try banana's, pineapple & sweet potatoes to sneak in some extra potassium.

3.  Use Sunscreen

Sunburn is a much higher risk at high elevation. The UV levels at the base of Winter Park are up to 60% higher than those at sea level. Make sure that you apply sunscreen & a Chapstick with spf of at least 15% half an hour before you go out for the day and again after you have been outside for a few hours. Wear a helmet & goggles or sunglasses when you ski to protect your eyes & head from sun & wind burn as well.

4.  Lay Off The Booze 

Try to pace yourself while drinking alcohol at elevation, at least for the first 2 days. Colorado has a lot of great local breweries but be aware that alcohol will affect you more when you're at higher altitudes.



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